Give a Little, Make the difference is aimed to clean, recycle and refurbish the used shoes and/clothes and distribute amongst the people who cannot afford proper clothing and/ a decent pair of shoes.

To enhance the dignity and quality of life for individuals and families and to provide basic necessities (clothes and shoes)

You don’t need a reason to be kind,  
“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day. For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone. People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms. As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.”           - Sam Levenson

We have observed that most of the students (college) dumping their clothes/shoes in the trash once it is out of fashion. Or in certain cases the clothes simply rest ideally in corners of the closet or remain on the clothe hangers outside the dorms (on the staircase). Apparently, these clothes/shoes don’t seem to serve any purpose for them, so we will ask for donation (provided they are willing) and distribute it to the people who cannot afford new clothes/shoes. Thereby we can meet the need of the poor with the clothes or shoes we collect. In doing so, we are providing an alternative to make the best use of what they don’t want. Because we never know, one’s trash could be another’s luxury.
“No one has become poor by giving”  -  Anne Frank

We neither have to go hungry nor walk bare feet to give something to the poor. We have a lot of used and unused clothes that may not have any use to us, but to someone out there it would mean so much. And heeding to the call of the needy, we have come up with this simple project.

In addition we will also collect the waste papers (used ‘lecture notes’ and ‘handouts’) from the students after their exams and sell it to the recycling companies. Probably that will be a kind gesture to our mother earth and a great service to protect the already depleting scarce natural resources. The money collected from the sale of waste papers will be used to purchase books and pencils (stationaries) for the kids in the Remote Villages. This project will definitely promote the concept of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and practicing these 3R's would help in saving our energy and protecting our environment.

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer”   -  Mahatma Gandhi

The more we are able to give of our talents, skills and time to a cause in which we believe, the more others will connect with us.  These connections in all their forms and complexity enrich our lives. And make us realize the extent of their need and will spell out that our contributions are an echo of a much larger cause. And at the end of the day we feel humbled, inspired and satisfied all at once.

Mae Tah Wao, Thasongyang, Tak Province, Thailand.

This is solely a charity event so we won’t initiate programs that would require huge investment. Rather we will go with the donations both ‘in kind’ and ‘cash’. The transportation, food and lodging expenses to go and disturb the cloths will be born from the individuals who volunteer to go with us.

Dorji Penjor
Mobile Phone: 0843599208

Understand the significance of simple gestures
To bring smiles on the face of the donors and the beneficiaries
Encourage and inculcate the practice of three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)
To promote the concept of environmental protection

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up”   - John Holmes
A group of students with common hope and aspiration came together with all the best intentions to serve the needs of the poor. We have documented our vision and strategies after a long deliberation with the best of our abilities. And we bet this is in the best interest of the poor and contributions in any kind would be used meaningfully.
Distributing clothes to the students of Save Haven Learning Center
A total of sixteen students and two staff from Shinawatra University visited Save Haven Learning Center, Mae Tah Wao Village, Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province, North of Thailand during the long holidays of 20th to 23rd July 2013. Transportation and food was funded by Shinawatra University.
We have donated clothes and shoes (both new and old), toiletries, books and stationaries no less than 500 KG to the students of Save Haven Learning Center and the people of Mae Tah Wao and nearby villages. Besides the donation, we also taught English and Mathematics lessons to the school children.
A dedicated member of the Project, Lhakpa Dorji, who also went for the trip, said, “we had the first hand experience exploring the lifestyle of the needy and we are encouraged to work harder knowing their hardship.

As a kind gesture and understanding the plight of the needy ones, this initiative would go a long way in cultivating the sense of giving and helping. We are now geared up for an extensive research on how we can best benefit the needy ones. And once we get enough data and information, we would do a little bit of marketing in order to familiarize the people about this project. We would approach the donors. In doing so we will prepare presentations (video’s and pictures and data) on how the poor can be benefited with the contributions and support.

“The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams but in active charity and in willingness service.”          - Henry Wadsworth

Dorji Penjor

Distributing clothes and shoes to the children and people of
Mae Tah Wao, Tak province, Thailand
Happy children with their new outfits! 

Even the rain couldn't stop us from giving. there is no end to giving!
Look at the classroom of this school children
Save Haven Learning Center
Photo session with the school kids 
P.S.  If you want to donate your used clothes/shoes please do contact me through the address provided. We accept 'donations in kind' and 'Cash/Credit card' (lol). Looking forward to your support. 

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It was quite a relieve to know that she haven’t yet checked my email (love letters) but what confused me further is why she would have acted differently. I had to guess before she could finally say it. “Was it something that I said?” She shook her head, “Was it something that I did?” It was something that I did. She had seen me with another girl. She said doubtfully, “Last weekend, you said you had to work”. She said it in her lower tone of voice, as if afraid, saying it any louder would trigger a bullet in her head.

I had to come to work, the weekend she was referring to. But I also had an appointment with an internship student. It was his instruction, my boss that I had to meet that young girl and interview her at the hotel. And we had talked about nothing but work. Kate must have been somewhere near, saw us and made something up in her mind. I was mad at her “You should have talked to me instead of making assumptions on your own” I said to her. She looked away. When I caught a glimpse of her again, there were tears in her check. The fond feeling that came to me when I first saw her came again, lingered, reminding me that I loved her, so very much. 

“Come on, let’s go” She said, and I followed her till we reached her car. We got into her car and she drove off. We remained silent as if we are taking a vow of silence. She didn't turn on the music either and it was a complete pin drop silence as if opening our mouth would cost gold. I forgot about the speech that I rehearsed before reaching the restaurant, forgot about my car, and forgot about Jackson. I just wanted her to drive far away from everything, far away from any human being, to the secret world that was unknown to mankind so that it would be just the two of us.

She didn't take me to the world unknown to mankind. Instead she took me to her apartment. It was a fairly beautiful apartment. The place smelled like her, giving me a sudden sense of familiarity. Everything was kept neat and clean. She walked slowly to the far end window where the bed was and sat on the bed facing the window. I followed her and stood by the window in silent like a helpless man. The silence grew, it went on and on. It drew a distance between us, yards away, far, no longer within the reach and then lost.

“David!” she said, startling me. I turned and there she was, still on that bed within my reach, reaching out her hands to me. I came closer to the bed and sat next to her, she felt so close and warm. And then she raised her soft hands to touch me in my cheek and pulled me closer to her. My head fell to her shoulder and that was when I realized she was right there beside me, never felt as close and warm and I said, “Don’t leave me.” She tightened her grip on my head and I wrapped my arms around her repeating; “Don’t leave me.”

image from google
I wanted to express my love for her but somehow for some reason my tongue seemed to freeze. When she lifted up her head to look at me, our eyes met. Her expression had turned soft. She gave me a smile. It was her usual peaceful smile that made me fall so deeply in love with her.

“Are you sure you didn't go through my email?” I asked. She shook her head. “Did you send me some important message” she asked. I nodded cautiously. There she checked her email. I slowly took her hands into me. I was scared this time. Scared of what might await us ahead. But she just looked at me with her peaceful smile, as if nothing in the world could ever shake her. And I read her my letters word to word to which she said “this is of no surprise to me.”

She held me tight in her arms and asked “Are you scared?” “A little” I nodded my head. “I could feel your heart beat, you are pulsing so fast” she whispered into my ears. She looked into my eyes and said, “it’s okay.” She looked confident as she had never before. She added “I also want to make it clear that I may have looked on you differently but not with less love.”

We stared into each other’s eyes for a long time. Slowly we drifted into our own world, the world isolated, so quiet, where there was only us and nobody else but The Shadow of Love.

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“David!” I heard her voice so gentle and weak.
“Hi” I said, suddenly became soft hearing her sheer voice. “I am taking a week off,” she said. “Just wanted to let you know” she added. “Don’t worry about me. You just take care of yourself, bye” her voice sounded heavy. Before I could speak my mind she bade goodbye. She rushed to end the conversation. I was back to staring at my phone. And I was so haunted by the thought of her. She was always on my mind; I couldn't stop thinking about her. Memories played in my mind over and over again like a movie. She kept ringing me like music that I have longed for million years. Everything about Kate suddenly felt so precious to me. I had continued the habit of checking my phone every five minutes, even at work, fearing that I might miss her call if ever she calls me. At night, I had gotten used to gazing at my phone, fighting back the urge to call her.

When she didn't dare to call, at one point of time I had a thought. I would not beg for her love. I would not call or message her either. I would disappear from her world. And she would think of me. She would realize that she lost the guy who truly loves her.  Knowing her she would change her mind and look for me. Except that even weeks later, she didn't call. And I knew I have lost my own game.

One morning I accidentally stepped on the white pebbles, on which she drew some beautiful flowers and gave it to me; all thoughts of her came to me at once. I reran everything that had happened in my mind and realized I couldn't lose her. There were much more to behold than ignore. I didn't want to lose our friendship over such an abstract thing called love. So breaking through all the forces of doubts I phoned her to say sorry.

“David! I thought you were never going to call me,” she exclaimed. “Would you mind, if we talk over a dinner, I have a lot more to tell” I said. “Of course I would completely understand if otherwise you are engaged” I added quickly. “I am sorry David” she sounded surprise, she continued. “I am sorry for what happened but I would love to meet you” her voice went softer. “Saying sorry won’t change anything, Kate. I want to know what is going on with you” I demanded firmly. But I didn't have a clue where she stayed for the last whole week. She never told me the address not that I remembered, so I asked her whereabouts and left with my car.

I arrived at the address Kate gave me. I took out the phone and called her. “Kate, I am here” I said, swallowing an empty air down my throat. I waited for Kate in front of the building as she asked me to earlier and when I finally saw her body walking slowly toward me, I had to fight the urge to run and pull her into my arms, to tell her I was sorry, so sorry.

She stopped in front of me and said my name in a kind of regret. And then she brought her view back to me. She smelled fresh but she looked tired and worn out. There were dark circles under her eyes; she might not have been sleeping well lately. In her eyes I saw the bitterness. Without saying anything she led me inside the Restaurant. “I am glad to meet you,” I said. She said nothing. She dropped her gaze down to the concrete floor. And then we walked in silent. Taking few steps forward I asked, “Kate, Did I interrupt you”. Even in my own ears the words sounded distant.

“No… Not at all” she kept walking. There was tiredness in her face, tame eyes and soft expression that made me suddenly feel so fondly of her. But I said it anyway; “How long are you planning to keep at this?” she didn't answer. We have reached the restaurant and took our seats near the window side. “Wait here, don’t go anywhere, okay?” she said to me softly but quite earnestly, locking her eyes to mine until I nod my heads. Then she left. I turned towards the window, in silent I had a lingering thought that this was all a mistake that I should not have asked for dinner in the first place that I looked nothing more than just a pathetic man in her eyes now. She was probably staging the kindest way to get rid of me in her mind.

When she finally came back, she was wearing a sweet smile. She ordered for my favorite dish. She talked about what was on the street, peeping through the window, made some comments on it. She didn't talk about Jackson or anything about my letter. She instead jogged my memory talking about the places we had gone to, things we had done together in the past and other happy things about us. And for a moment, I felt like nothing had happened between us.

As she continued talking, I studied her face, her lips, and her chicks as she drew a smile and laughed lightly, as if I had never seen it so close before. I had thought earlier, what was it about Jackson that made her fall so deeply in love with him? What was it that he did so differently than I did? But as I sat beside her on that table, I thought I understood.

Finally I said “What in me has annoyed you so much?” She didn't say anything. “Was it my email?” I asserted. “Email?” she sounded surprise. It seems she hasn't read my email yet. 

to be continued...

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My dear angel, you have taught me to worship beauty and respect cuteness.............................. I have so far opened my heart and revealed my secrets though an ocean of affection is yet to disclose. I am not ashamed of telling the world that I Love You.” I started wording down my feelings. Words after words, lines after lines, thoughts poured out of me, I had all things in the world to tell her. I wrote and wrote, when the rest of the city slept. By the dawn I had written ten letters yet I wasn't contented for I fear written words may not describe my honest feel. Nonetheless, without further pondering over the unconventional chemistry I inbox her.

“David! Someone is trying to reach you on your cellular device, David! Someone is...” buzzed my phone. It was Kate’s wake up call. I let it ring until the last tone and hesitantly greeted her “Good Morning Kate”. She stood silent for few moments. “David, can I meet you in the lobby” her voice was trembling. My heart started racing, something is coming, something unexpected, something unbearable, I thought.

She sat by the window, looking with sorrowful eyes and not speaking. She looked at me briefly when I entered. She was frowning. Her expression was difficult to read. She was about to do or say something that was so difficult to her. Her bottom lips trembled and tears welled up in her eyes. “Dav...  David... Maybe we should stop seeing each other” she said carefully. “I am sorry” she added, dropping her gaze to the floor. “K... K... Kate” I stammered, first with fear and then panic. She did not reply. I kept quiet for what seems longer than eternity. “I am sorry, Kate” I said finally. “No, it’s not your fault; please forgive me for causing you pain” she walked away. Upon hearing so, my heart stopped racing. It might as well stop beating. Sad, it gave an end to everything.
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The cool air I breath was no less a puff of an intoxicating drugs. It entered deep within the valleys of my heart exhilarating every petals of my body. Like a sunken plant in the daylight I was doomed by my love. I walked by my shadow and listened to the rhythm of my heart. I had no direction but went wherever my foot could reach. The eyes, with which I looked at the beauty of spring, could see nothing but the misery of life. The ears with which I formerly heard with delight the songs of waves, could hear only the howling of wind. The soul which had observed the glory of universe was tortured by the knowledge of disappointment and displeasure. I was exiled from my beautiful world with nothing except painful memories flapping like invisible wings around me filling the depth of my heart with sorrow and bringing tears to my eyes. As I walked on I reached the Park, I strolled with Kate on the very first day. I realized it was a peaceful place away from the traffic road, away from the jogging lane, away from the eventful city, so deserted, so secret. I lay down on the ground against the grasses so lonely, looking up to the cloudy sky, thinking of what she said, what I said, what I could have said, could have done and I fell asleep.

The evening chorus of the birds waked me up. Wordlessly, I observed the birds starting to pair up, the males singing to proclaim their territory and attract a female. “Wow, the music is tremendous” I spoke to myself softly. It was already well past five, there were no missed calls on my phone. Kate didn't bother to call. She is probably engaged with her work, I thought bitterly. There were still no calls from her the next day. I had picked up the habit of checking my phone every few minutes, hoping somehow for Kate to call. Probably she would burst out into laughter and tell me she was kidding. Joke of the year maybe. (“Guess what, its April first, I got you David!”) She could point at me and laugh wildly I would forgive her. I would pull an expression, pretend to be annoyed but I would forgive her. Except she wasn't kidding and it was not April. It wasn't a joke.

And as the sun sets I understood she would not call, never again. So I grabbed my phone, arguing whether I should call her. I gathered my thoughts of what to say, as my last, final, saddest goodbye. I buried myself beneath the blanket, placing my head over the pillow and laid down staring at my phone. Mean while it rang. Kate’s name appeared on the screen. My heart was beating fast, as if it was the first time I ever had to pick up a call from her.

“Hello” I said on phone.

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Soon enough we became very good friends revealing all secrets and expressing all sentiments. We have developed a very strong bond, a relationship more than friendship. Throughout the day we hang out together, we dine together, we walk together and as well in the evening we bridge and communicate through social networks and phone calls. Anything and everything became the subject of our talk and we talk and talk and talk but our words never ended and our dialogues never hushed. Singing songs of happiness, telling bedtime stories and buzzing wake-up calls has become our daily routine. It was such a heavenly care, our sole entertainer.

Nevertheless her love for Jack was not replaceable, she had so much of memory that she cannot erase. She frequently talks about Jack and told me many things bit by bit. I was not very used to her being quite when we are together, but I realized that she was just being too quite one evening. At the risk of bothering her, I asked her how was everything. “Okay, everything is fine” she said. But after sometime she stopped walking. “David” she said, calling my name softly. I stopped walking and turned to face her. “What is it?” I asked.
“I.....” she started. “I saw Jack this morning” she said. Her voice softened at the mention of him. She looked down to her wrist watch, I drew on her hand the other day and she spoke, as if holding a deep thought of him. I had thought it had gone but there it was the same soft tone of voice when she spoke of him. Never gone

Jackson, I know him quite well. The only guy I envy is him, neither because of his abilities nor his physical looks or anything else but for she is madly in love with him. So day after day our togetherness has rooted a feeling in me that without her around I feel so empty and incomplete. And every time she mentions his name, my heart skips a beat. My deep sympathy and mercy over her broken love gave birth to unflagging feelings, a constant need to see her and be with her. I wonder how I could fall for her knowing all about her love.
Image from Google
I have resisted the urge to tell her few things for a long time for her frequent mention of Jake. She addresses him with his pet name (“I saw Jack”) while calling me by my full name has highlighted why I cannot replace him. However, every glance at her gives me a new meaning to beauty and every minute with her gives a new insight to love. I did not ask about Jackson anymore after that. I even began to forget there was ever anyone named Jackson in her life, in her life before we met. And of the privileges that she gave me and made me feel, I went on forgetting while my love for her grew deeper and deeper.

Her tiny little eyes are noble as pearls and her brown hair reminds me of the dawn, the perfect curtains to protect my dream from light. My heart couldn't withstand the ever crashing oceanic waves of love if not pacified through words. Thus I penned down the breathing of my heart and lettered my intention.

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I was sitting on the couch flipping through a book when someone knocked the door hardly. I starred at the door, it was Katherine. She went through her handbag several times and knocked again. “Oh, she must have lost her Key card  I spoke to myself and opened the door. I smiled, briefly, at the thought of her saying “Thank you David!” No, she didn't speak; she vowed with a withering smile and walked toward the far corner in the library. Her face was clouded, her misty eyes hardly blink, and she signs heavily in pain. I bit my lips and sat on the couch again. After a while I heard a weeping sound. Knowing that it was Katherine, I stood silent for few moments spying her moves. She broke up with her boyfriend, Jackson, few days ago.

I could no longer hold myself back, so I went near her and asked if there was anything wrong. She shook her head and remained very silent. Her lips muted with pain and her tongue sealed with sorrow. Maybe she couldn't gather her vast thoughts into few words to utter. Maybe her intense sadness cannot be pacified through words. Tears roll down through her face like drops of dew falling from the petals of the flower when they are disturbed by the wind. I couldn't help but keep standing near her, puzzled with hundreds of thoughts running in my mind. Few minutes later she wiped off her tears and asked if I could leave her alone for some time, with her apologetic look.

On my way back to my room I had a long thought of her. I shut all thoughts of her and tune to the music on my iPod but after sometime it came again at the play of a sad song ("David!" she might ask with her pleading eyes). I felt so pity on her and couldn't move forward. So I went back to her and asked for a walk, thinking that it might ease her heavy heart. Soon the silence became music; her muteness vanished as we stroll through the Park. She opened her lips and said “I use to come here with Jack!” She did in such a care that when she spoke his name, Jackson or Jack as she calls him, she sighed and paused and became soft at the story of him that followed. He was her first love, her first love that had come and gone. We strolled until the darkness hides the trees and flowers and see nothing but the shadows when the beam of light rays fall on us. 

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The United Nations declared 20th March as the International Day of Happiness in June 2012 with the resolution “The pursuit of happiness is the fundamental human goal,” Today, in celebrating the first International Day of Happiness; I decided to do what makes me happy, so that I can wear a smile on my face and walk the day happily. So what makes you happy? To me I am happy when I do what I like or when I like what I do. I didn't master in writing nor do I have something great to share yet blogging is what I m passionate about. I gather my thoughts, word down my feelings with my best English and post it. This is what I did then, now and for all times to come.

To observe the International Happiness Day I am writing on ‘Curiosity, the secret to your success.’ Let me also tell you what makes me to write this post. About a week ago I was editing my blog title and suddenly I remembered that it was Albert Einstein’s Birth Day (14th March) so I decided to add his quote “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” under my blog title (as you can see it on my blog title) in order to pay tribute for his limitless contribution to the world. Later on I posted the image on my face book and one of my friends commented ‘Curiosity killed the cat! Stay alert’. To me curiosity is all about an interest in the world that obviously doesn't hold you back and accept everything rather it motivates you to explore to a deeper level. I couldn't agree an inch with his words neither i had guts to challenge Einstein, so i asked how being curious could be that despicable. He said ‘btw it’s that a great thing that you self inspired! Curiosity in its separate account is awful coz it leaves one disgruntled if one’s expectations can’t match one’s divine. Precisely, a prime reason what curious fellows are always glum.

Did he mean Einstein is Glum? Is Curiosity really dreadful? One hundred and one thoughts run into me, thousands of questions pop up in my mind. I than began to tailor my thought and google out to feed the questions. I found that many people share similar thought with me and curiosity it mean nothing more than an interesting perspective that drives you to learn something new, that eventually will position you to see things broadly, understand circumstantial background and alter your judgment and make better decisions. So you are generally ending up gaining more knowledge with your curiosity.

Curiosity will also let you to see things differently; you will fully invest your power of observation when you are driven by curiosity. You will scrutinize what is happening in the present taking note of what it is regardless, of what it looked like before or what you might have expected it to be. There is ample of scientific and common sense evidence to support why you have to be curious. To mention few, research studies indicate cultivating curiosity
● decrease anxiety
● increases fulfillment in life
● improve performance in academic and work settings
● enriches relationships
● builds knowledge
● improves health
● resolves conflict in a potentially successful way

So to realize the benefits above you have to practice being curious. The more curious you are the more possibilities you will open throughout your life. If you want to know why you should unleash your curiosity than visit here

And to the one who said ‘curiosity killed the cat’ I would rather rephrase it ‘curiosity made the cat smarter’. So if you want a rewarding life start being curious! Curious mind involves a desire to learn and that’s how you will serve yourself better.

Are you curious? What makes you curious?

Happy Happiness Day!

Dear Prospective Student,

If you are a curious, highly motivated student and are interested in studying in an international atmosphere, Shinawatra University is an ideal option for you. Why Shinawatra University?
image from siu facebook
With the rapid development, the world that the students will encounter after their graduation will be very different from the one that we have seen and the fierce competition for job is evident. Therefore SIU addresses the changing world of work by adopting very unique teaching and learning approach emphasizing individuality, creativity, and leadership in addition to imparting knowledge and experience. With curricula and teaching system specifically designed for those who aspire to be innovative leaders for the tomorrow’s business and industry, you will have a huge rage of career choices in the globalized world and are less likely to be affected by the future economic crises. As a graduate from a proudly distinguished university, you will easily find your place in this wide open and profitable arena.
image from SIU facebook
Set in the vibrant and colorful environment, SIU makes it a top priority to acquaint you with this unique country, which is as rich in history as it is in technical advances. Through field trips, lectures and programs, you will immerse yourself in Thailand's past and present, and become closely connected to this dynamic nation.
World class soccer field and gymnasium
(image from Dr. Thiti's facebook)
If you are seeking first-rate academics, the path to a challenging and fruitful future and an experience that will widen your horizons in countless ways, you have found your venue. Shinawatra University is waiting to hear from you.
Inside the academic building (image from Tanarat's face book) 
Scholarship for Bhutanese Students 

Shinawatra University has been very generous for the Bhutanese citizens and they reserve no less than 90 scholarship seats every year for the Bhutanese passionate learners. Currently we have 29 undergraduates and 1 graduate student. Three graduate students have successfully completed their courses in the previous year.  If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to write me at or You will also find me here

This year’s scholarship is as follows:

ShinawatraUniversity, Thailand is pleased to announce the availability of full and partial Scholarships (tuition fee only) for Bhutanese students in the following programs:

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:
1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
2. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)
3. Bachelor of Science in Management Technology (BSMT)
4. Bachelor of Arts in English for Communication (BAEC)
5. Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering (BECE)
Master’s Degree Programs:
1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
2. Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)
3. Master of Science in Management Technology (MSMT)
4. Master of Education in Teaching English as an International Language (MEdTEIL)

Scholarship Allocations:

Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Management Technology
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering


Master of Business Administration

Master of Science in Information Technology

Master of Science in Management Technology

Master of Education in Teaching English as an International Language



Interested candidates can apply to Admissions and Development Department, Shinawatra University along with the following documents:
1. Covering letter & Curriculum Vitae
2. Class X and XII mark sheet, transcripts and certificate
3. Security Clearance Certificate
4. Medical Fitness Certificate
5. CID and/or Passport Copy
6. Statement of Purpose (an A4 page to explain your background and purpose to study in the
program at Shinawatra University)
7. Duly filled out University application form

You can down load the application form undergraduate and graduate

The last day for submission of the application is 1st April 2013. Late and incomplete documents will not be considered for scholarships. Results will be announced by 20th April 2013.
For any inquiry and application, please contact us at

Good luck!