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The United Nations declared 20th March as the International Day of Happiness in June 2012 with the resolution “The pursuit of happiness is the fundamental human goal,” Today, in celebrating the first International Day of Happiness; I decided to do what makes me happy, so that I can wear a smile on my face and walk the day happily. So what makes you happy? To me I am happy when I do what I like or when I like what I do. I didn't master in writing nor do I have something great to share yet blogging is what I m passionate about. I gather my thoughts, word down my feelings with my best English and post it. This is what I did then, now and for all times to come.

To observe the International Happiness Day I am writing on ‘Curiosity, the secret to your success.’ Let me also tell you what makes me to write this post. About a week ago I was editing my blog title and suddenly I remembered that it was Albert Einstein’s Birth Day (14th March) so I decided to add his quote “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” under my blog title (as you can see it on my blog title) in order to pay tribute for his limitless contribution to the world. Later on I posted the image on my face book and one of my friends commented ‘Curiosity killed the cat! Stay alert’. To me curiosity is all about an interest in the world that obviously doesn't hold you back and accept everything rather it motivates you to explore to a deeper level. I couldn't agree an inch with his words neither i had guts to challenge Einstein, so i asked how being curious could be that despicable. He said ‘btw it’s that a great thing that you self inspired! Curiosity in its separate account is awful coz it leaves one disgruntled if one’s expectations can’t match one’s divine. Precisely, a prime reason what curious fellows are always glum.

Did he mean Einstein is Glum? Is Curiosity really dreadful? One hundred and one thoughts run into me, thousands of questions pop up in my mind. I than began to tailor my thought and google out to feed the questions. I found that many people share similar thought with me and curiosity it mean nothing more than an interesting perspective that drives you to learn something new, that eventually will position you to see things broadly, understand circumstantial background and alter your judgment and make better decisions. So you are generally ending up gaining more knowledge with your curiosity.

Curiosity will also let you to see things differently; you will fully invest your power of observation when you are driven by curiosity. You will scrutinize what is happening in the present taking note of what it is regardless, of what it looked like before or what you might have expected it to be. There is ample of scientific and common sense evidence to support why you have to be curious. To mention few, research studies indicate cultivating curiosity
● decrease anxiety
● increases fulfillment in life
● improve performance in academic and work settings
● enriches relationships
● builds knowledge
● improves health
● resolves conflict in a potentially successful way

So to realize the benefits above you have to practice being curious. The more curious you are the more possibilities you will open throughout your life. If you want to know why you should unleash your curiosity than visit here

And to the one who said ‘curiosity killed the cat’ I would rather rephrase it ‘curiosity made the cat smarter’. So if you want a rewarding life start being curious! Curious mind involves a desire to learn and that’s how you will serve yourself better.

Are you curious? What makes you curious?

Happy Happiness Day!


Sangay Cholden said...

Great thought Boss!!!

Dorji Penjor said...

Sangay,Thank you for visiting my blog.

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