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Today the Department of Student Affairs, SIU called upon all the Club Presidents and Advisers for a short meeting. Basically it was to discuss on 2012 budget plan of respective clubs and how the clubs should comply with the University rules and regulations. I took part in the meeting on behalf of Creative Arts and Fine Arts Club in lieu of the President who was out of campus for a trip to one of Design Company in Bangkok and of course on behalf of International Students Club as the founder. Meanwhile in the meeting, apart from the intro I didn't understand anything, neither because of my stupidity or smartness but for it was carried on in Thai language, perhaps I was the only overseas present in the meeting. 
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Although to comprehend what they discuss is on the wane, I extremely appreciate their love and care for their tradition and culture esp. their language in the present context. The focal person addressed the meeting for almost an hour and for me the translator summed up in just one minute at last. It was very much precise. Quite a few of them asked several questions and they burst out into laughter, appears to be something funny/silly. I had no idea of why they laughed but I laughed seeing them laughing. Somehow the meeting has come to an end. I was bit worried, for I have to present the minutes of meeting to my club members. For the first time in my life I have attended a meeting of which my eyes were blind to agenda and my ears deaf to minutes. Nevertheless, it was a great relief when the focal person said “you can come to my office and ask me if you have any doubt”.

I realized how important it is to know Thai language to live in Thailand. I think I should learn Thai language by hook or crook and if so, I would translate all the documents of SIU to English. God bless……. 

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