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After 257 years of theocratic rule with numerous civil wars, blood and tears, chaos and disorder in the country among the rival factions, for the very first time in the history of Bhutan all leaders of different regions, secular heads, high lamas and people unanimously enthroned Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuk as the first king of Bhutan on 17th December 1907. Since then the people of Bhutan lived peacefully and blissfully under the benign rule of Wangchuk dynasty.

Unlike the preceding years the 104th National day has some astounding remarks on me. For my child hood days the day went off with the fever of examination results, high school days filled with ecstasy of going home as a boarding student. However, at this instant being in a foreign soil the day seems very special and merry making. For being among the overseas we feel proud to present ourselves as a Bhutanese.

To commemorate this auspicious occasion the Bhutanese students at SIU gathered together with common wishes and prayers “May the sun of everlasting joy continuous to shine over the peaceful land of thunder dragon, PELDAN DRUKPA.” Lips smacking Bhutanese dishes complete the table; melancholic Bhutanese music tunes the ear, smiling faces verbalize some humors and burst out into laughter, an atmosphere of heavenly Bhutan existed in a foreign soil. It was a glorious gathering, a splendid moment and fabulous occurrence in my life. Cheers everyone for your prop up in your own capacities making the day a notable one.

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NORBU said...

pelden drukpa gelo..!!!
Hey it was a great meal and I enjoyed the day.
By the way good article..

vidit said...

hope you enjoyed it

Dorjay Rhigden Peljor said...

thanx for visiting my blog.. @norbu.. i appreciated your presence.. glad to know that you enjoyed..

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