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I couldn’t hold back my tears after reading this post on Dasho Nima Tshering's Face book wall. So with his permission I am sharing it on my blog as a “symbol of hope and courage.

                                                                                                                                        -Written by Dasho Nima Tshering

I wrote it down just as I listened to her: " I AM Chimi Yuden from very Remote Village of Nabji in Trongsa. I am on the verge of dropping out from school due to financial constraints as my mother passed away and my father is chronically sick. I have no able member of the family to support me as all six of us, children, are dependents. We are 3 sisters and 3 brothers. We are all vulnerable. We are poor. When I was 9 years Old in 2006. I came to Thimphu as a babysitter since my parents could not afford to JUST CAN NOT HAVE ME to school. My mother passed away in 2008 and my father has always been chronically sick. I worked as babysitter for 3 years. In 2011 when I was 14 years old I forced my father to Let Me Go to school but he did not listen to what I requested to him rather he always kept on telling me to marry somebody and help him and younger brothers and sisters at home. But I did not Listen to him since I AM very interested to Study. Other school going Children like to become Somebody in My Future. With all of My Effort and Effort with My Own, I went to school in 2011 myself. During Vacation and weekends, I have always been working in somebody's house as a babysitter to make my school expenses. 

Now I have completed Class Four and going to Class Five at Nabji Community Primary School since I was double promoted twice for my academic excellence. I was topping all my classes. In 2011, I topped class PP in mid-term examination by big margin so the school double promoted me to class I. In 2012, I topped class II mid-term examination by big margin so again the school double promoted me to class III. But now as I go up higher classes, school expenses are also getting more and it's beyond my means even if I babysit and study. I am now on the verge of dropping out and left without any choice if I don't get help to continue my education to fulfill my dreams and aspirations. I Promise that I will study very hard and serve My King, Country and People." 

Image by Dasho Nima Tshering
Struggles and her story of courage left me speechless. Therefore, I thought I would seek your immediate help so that Chimi would not have to negotiate between babysitting and schooling; after all she had already negotiated and fought hard against early marriage and teenage pregnancy to go to school without help. It breaks my heart. What about yours? Vulnerable girls like Chimi are smart, intelligent, and brave. Babysitting is not for them. Our dream has to enable not only these but also to Girls Education show them to get opportunities so that they could path to achieve, pull their potentials in life as Bhutanese Citizens and responsible global productive citizens. As A Society, we have to do something. Empirical evidence from studies and hard data show that heavier load of housework given to girls and the incidence of Early Marriage in rural Bhutan are some of the reasons that affect Girls' Education. Preventing early marriage and reducing early teenage pregnancy are also emerging development challenges for Bhutan. Data show that the adolescent fertility rate of Bhutan is 47 per 1,000 in 2010, which is more than twice the east Asia average. This is alarming because it affects both the health of the nation and the education of the nation. It's a matter of public policy. We must have Public policies that truly serve the public better, including Vulnerable Girls like Chimi. 

But for now, I want to introduce Chimi to you so that together you can help Chimi's immediate needs in a show of "Social Solidarity" for our fellow Human being. Here's a plan how you can help Chimi: - Chimi Yuden Needs to go back to school by First Week of February 2014. - Her Rough Expenses for One year (2014), including clothes, would be around Nu. 10,000 - If more help is possible, She also has Two younger brothers without support (One going to Class VII and One going to Class I). Let's say, Nu. 5000 each for two of them, for the year 2014. Her Younger Sister has already dropped out from Class II and went to become a NUN due to financial constraints. – So our

Goal 1: Nu. 20,000 for three of them. If not successful, then our
                                Goal 2: Nu. 10,000 for Chimi Yuden.

Deadline: January 15, 2014

Inbox me, or call/SMS me at 17603612 for your support.  On January 16 2014, whatever support we rendered together will be handed over to Chimi Yuden by some of you in a transparent manner with the Highest Ethical Standards. Contributing and showing "Social Solidarity" to Protect Chimi's Dreams is more than Just a small act of kindness on your part. It's more than just a humanitarian gesture. It would be your subtle statement saying "No!" to illiteracy, saying "YES!" to girls' education, saying "NO!" to poverty, saying "Yes!" to human dignity, saying "No!" to child labour, saying "Yes!" to equal Opportunity, and much more. 

Let Chimi's courage pursue her Life's Dreams through Education against all odds be a symbol of hope for vulnerable girls in Bhutan. 
                                                                                                                                        -Written by Dasho Nima Tshering 

(Share it to increase the support Base for courageous Chimi. Together, let's keep the flame of hope alive).

Thank you for your time. 

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