SIU bicycles back in form

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If someone asks why I like SIU? Than certainly one reason could be the best facilities and resources that we could avail freely at any time. Above and beyond everything bicycling is something that I like most and I am engaged in for most of my leisure time. Perhaps it’s because of my inadequate skills in other sports. I certainly don’t have any strong reasons and evidence to shore up why I like it nor I am a good bicycler yet it has been one of my preferred exercises after being here at SIU. Habitually after the class I use to go and refresh myself around the calm water bodies and greenery campus but it has been couple of weeks that I couldn’t make it so. Firstly the university bicycles are taken for some maintenance as almost every bicycle is desperately in need of mending’s and secondly I was down with the flu for several days. I couldn’t either update my blog or work on assignments and I have completely lost my track.
However, I was amazed to see all the bicycles back in proper shape and once again I went across the campus exploring around with great ecstasy. It could give me immense pleasure and enjoyment. I could feel the gentle breeze instilling around my sweating arms and ablaze face, breathing in the chill and fresh air I could feel the essence of happiness around me. As free like a sparrow I went round and round where I could clearly depict the changes brought by the rainy season. Grasses as tall as trees, flowers blooming, trees with bounty of fruits, and chirping birds adding upon the melancholy of the eco-system. It also knocks me with the fear of snakes and monitors around. Ah.. I should not be around for long or I may get attacked by this creatures. Moreover, assignments and home works piled on the table, they are impatiently waiting for me, I need to go. Bye Bye then.. …………..Take care. 

Dorji Penjor


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Leoparsica said...

Sorry to learn that you were attacked by flu but glad that you are back to form. Well seems you are really taking up bicycling as a passion. hats good for health and eco friendly. As our your scientist Vishma Rai intends to bring bamboo bicycle, I am also thinking of bamboo propagation plants in the future back home, but its still a dream. But dreaming is not a crime rite no bro. haha.
Nice going thru your blog. take care.

Dorjay Rhigden Peljor said...

wow bro das wel and gud to have such a wise dream.. may your dream comes true.. don't just dream but dream to make it happen.. thnx for visiting my blog.. til then.. keep going....

PinPin Kiwi said...

At last this blog is written in the language I can understand again :) Good to hear you enjoy bicycling even though there are many things to do here. Take care :))