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The Dhamakaya Temple  rests majestically in the north of Bangkok, Pathumthaini Province, thailand apart from the action-packed and swarming town, where prayers are sung for good health, happiness and peace for sentientbeings. With Buddhism playing role in every aspects of their life, they seek of inner peace and calmness through meditation. Lucky to be born on this heavenly earth and luckier to have been to such a fantastic place. Initiated by some of the noble buddhist, senior students its my second time to this great and magnificient temple.
Guided by a staff  from  Dhamakaya foundation, we made a tour across the eighty acres of the entire campus where the Dhamakaya stupa is the landmark built exclusively on public contributions and proudly serves as the largest venue for  meditation for harmony seekers across the world.
Getting ourselves dressed in white, covering every parts of the body signifying purity and to pay due respect and homage to the great Buddha (their culture), we were taught how to meditate. Seated in our best comfy position, with our eyes closed and minds set still we seeked for inner peace. As instructed by the monk teacher, inhaled the  good deeds and merits with the freshy chill air and exhaled all worries, responsibilities, unfilled desires, pains and sufferings. With holistic attentiveness on my mind at the very midpoint of our body, I yearned for happiness and tranquil. It was an extremely awesome moment I have every had.
Thousands and thousands of peace-loving people gathered to hunt for inner calmness and serenity through meditation. And its amazing fact that buddhism plays a pivotal role in every facet. If you are a peace lover you may read more on to   for details.

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